Shrubs make your landscaping complete.  At Ron's our selection is unmatched.  From Gold Threads to Weeping Willow Trees and everything in between. We offer the most hearty shrubbery and trees around.  Stop by today and take the first step in increasing your home's value.  

Shrub Planting Steps:


Step 1:  Pick a site in your yard that meets the shrub's cultural and space requirements. Planting a sun lover like hibiscus in the shade results in a slow decline. Planting a potential giant like viburnum against the foundation of your house turns into a yearly battle with your clippers. 


Step 2:  Plant your container grown or balled shrubs in early spring or fall, while temperatures are mild. Plant your bare root shrubs in early spring, so they have the rest of the growing season to get established. 


Step 3:  Dig a hole approximately 1 ½ times the size of the root ball. Amend the soil minimally. When roots encounter overly rich soil surrounded by a wall of clay, they tend to grow back into the amended area, producing a rootbound effect. 


Step 4:  Tamp the soil back into the hole with your foot, eliminating air pockets. 

Step 5:  Water the shrub with a trickle from the hose or drip irrigation until the area is saturated. Continue providing one inch of water per week during the growing season.


Step 6:  Reduce competition from weeds by installing a weed mat or 2 to 3 inches of mulch. Alternatively, plant a shallow-rooted ground cover around the base of the shrub. Periwinkle and star jasmine are good choices.


Step 7:  Steer clear of the lone soldier effect by planting shrubs in groups of 3 or 5. Repetition and odd numbers are pleasing to the eye. If you consider your shrub to be a standalone specimen, plant some smaller shrubs in front of it to give a layered look. 


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